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Roberto’s philosophy takes place in harmony with nature, creating what is known today as “The New Yucatecan Cuisine”. The fundamentals of this cuisine are the ingredients of the region, transforming the yucatecan cuisine with fresh plates, incorporating flowers, herbs, and local species such as: Venado (local deer), peccary and cerdo pelón (Suckling Pig). Creating a perfect balance to invoke the pallet, so the guest can obtain an experience that exceeds his expectation. All of this is possible thanks to the avant-garde techniques and the upper technology that he uses in every plate, taking the guest to explore the real taste of the yucatecan peninsula. .

Roberto Solís

Some time after working in hotel kitchens, Roberto finally found his true passion.  With 27 years and a clear vision of what he was looking for, Roberto decided to open “Néctar” in November of 2003.

Roberto’s cuisine comes mainly from his personal experiences traveling the world. In the summer of 2005 he decided to travel to “The Fat Duck Restaurant” in England, to learn about Molecular cuisine.  


Later in the summer of 2006 he traveled to Denmark and worked in a renowned restaurant ,“Noma” where he was able to face “The New Scandinavian Cuisine”  under the command of the well-known Chef Rene Redzepi, with whom he still has a great friendship with to this day.  In 2006 the two chefs decided to cook together in Mérida at “Néctar” and then in Mexico City.

Roberto had the opportunity to participate as a guest in the “Festival del Sabor” in San Miguel Allende, México, an event that brings together the 10 best chefs in the country. During this event Roberto had the opportunity to host dinners at two restaurants.

In the summer of 2008 the hunger for knowledge led him to the claim restaurant “Per Se” property of the Multi-Michelin Star Chef, Thomas Keller. It was  there he had the privilege to experiment face-to-face with “The New American/French Cuisine”. He then traveled to Tokyo, where he did a stage at “Les Créations de NARISAWA” working side by side with Chef Narisawa, learning about the “Japanese minimalism”